Jethro Sheeran, aka Alonestar, is an established singer-songwriter and music producer from Bristol, UK. The English hip-hop star has achieved various chart successes from both his own music and work for other artists. Alonestar is now rising higher than ever with a number 1 official Billboard Chart hit (for the 5th week running).

Background & Achievements

Alonestar’s first taste of success came when signing a publishing deal with EMI, releasing his six-track EP Warrior. He later charted at number 3 on iTunes with his 2015 album Cornerstone. The very same year, he executive-produced Bars and Melody’s album 143, which reached number 4 in the official UK charts, subsequently going platinum.

More recently, 3 of Alonestar’s tracks have been making a huge impact on the compilation album Tropical House – Cruises to Jamaica. The album grabbed the Number 1 spot on the Worldwide Billboard Charts 4 weeks ago and still hasn’t been shifted. The tracks featured are Outlaw, Raise Em Up, and Real Life.

In it’s own right, Outlaw hit number 1 for the most radio spins on a single in the USA.

What's Coming in 2018

2018 is set to be a busy year for Alonestar, with a worldwide tour including UK, Dubai, Sri Lanka, theCaribbean, Canada and the US.

Jethro is also currently working on some prolific new projects including one that is very close to his heart, featuring the late hip hop legend Tupac Shakur, Tupac’s brother Mopreme Shakur and multi award winning, world-renowned reggae artist Sizzla.

Another intriguing collaboration, born during a recent trip in Barbados is also coming to fruition, with highly acclaimed London-based music producer Gavin Golberg. This project sees Jethro explore his singing-vocal range and prove himself as an authentic, experimental global artist.

Other projects include various acting roles along with co-founding a unique music studio in the beautiful African sun of southwest Morocco. The studio isaptly named ‘Studios in The Sand’ after Jimi Hendrix’s famous song ‘Castles in the Sand’, which was scribed in the same location.

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